Sam Joyce


THE Asian on a Bike began his instructing career in 2019 and his classes have been featured on massive social media platforms, such as Barstool Sports, EDM Maniac, Excision Headbangers, EDM Train, and has collaborated with singer/songwriter, Evan Giia. Sam's motto is for you to focus on yourself... because he doesn't want you to know how many chicken tenders he can eat in one sitting.

Sam's ultimate goal is to keep bringing bass music to the fitness world. Sometimes, he wants to get silly and play Excision, Subtronics, and Wooli. And there are days when he wants to be sad and play Gryffin, Illenium, and Armnhmr. Regardless of the mood, Sam is bringing the rave to YOU! How many times has Sam hit his forehead on the bike from head banging? The world may never know.

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Drink some water, eat lots of food, and tell your family and friends how much you love them.

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Sam Joyce

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