Priscilla Perez


Priscilla Perez, a New York Latina and devoted mother of two, has carved a niche in the fitness world with her vibrant, motivational, and wildly fun Rhythm Cycling. Her authentic teaching style has not only become iconic within her personal community but has also garnered recognition from notable brands such as Lululemon, Women's Health Magazine, and Civana Wellness.

From coast to coast, Priscilla's journey from NY to Los Angeles has shaped her passion for inspiring others to lead active and fulfilling lives. Priscilla's class is a unique blend of a challenging workout and soulful therapy. Through motivating messages and engaging choreography, she encourages you to connect deeply to the music, release the comparison game, and elevate to your highest potential.

You can expect a mix of hip hop, reggaeton, and healthy variety in her playlists, creating an experience that not only energizes your body but also uplifts your mind and soul.

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What we do when we're off the clock matters so much more than when we're on... what you do when you're not in hustle mode matters.

Priscilla Perez

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