Kristin Cangemi


Kristin is a co-owner of NYX Cycle + Fitness. Originally from New York, she has been embracing the New York “hustle and bustle” mentality throughout her nine years in Arizona. She is a Rumble Boxing coach, strength and conditioning coach at Frame, and has been teaching cycling for over five years across the Valley.

She believes our struggles develop our strength. When faced with hardships, the moment we decide not to surrender but to conquer — that’s when we embark on our greatest strength. She is excited to create a space of comfort to make sure you are seen and valued. We as a team will be working together to elevate our own personal growth, while gaining a family in the process.

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We relish in the the fight; and the determination in everyday life. Together we know no limits, we move to higher grounds, but most importantly, we're the change we want to see.

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Kristin Cangemi

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